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See how far employee advocacy can take your message

Considering implementing an employee advocacy tool, like Hootsuite Amplify? Use this free employee advocacy calculator to see how far Amplify can take your message.

Grow your reach with Amplify

Spread your message further and boost revenue while you’re at it with Hootsuite Amplify, the first and best employee advocacy platform out there.

What is employee advocacy?

Employee advocacy is the practice of leveraging employees to help promote your business. A strong employee advocacy program involves creating approved, branded content and asking employees to share it across their own personal social media channels.

Of course, the most obvious use of employee advocacy is to promote your business or service. But it doesn’t stop there. You can also ask your employees to help you spread the word about job openings, new features, or your company’s great workplace culture. 

A social media employee engagement strategy is a powerful shortcut to skyrocketing your reach across social media. In fact, companies that use Hootsuite Amplify — that’s our very own employee advocacy platform, by the way — saw 8x wider reach and a 200% higher click-through rate with employee advocacy.

What is an Employee Advocacy Calculator?

An employee advocacy calculator is a free tool that helps you visualize how far creating an employee advocacy strategy could extend your message on social media. In other words, it helps you determine whether signing up for Hootsuite Amplify or a similar tool would be worth your while. 

Our free employee advocacy tool calculates your potential reach based on a few key metrics, including your total number of employees and followers. It then uses that info to determine your current maximum social reach as well as your potential social reach with Hootsuite Amplify.

Basically, it’s like a crystal ball into your future with Amplify. Here’s a bit more information about the metrics within the tool:

  • Employees: The total number of employees you have across your organization

  • Twitter followers: The total number of people who follow you on all your business’s Twitter accounts

  • Facebook likes: The total number of people who like all your Facebook Business pages

  • LinkedIn followers: The total number of people who follow you on all your LinkedIn business pages

Note: all of these metrics can be found in your Hootsuite Analytics dashboard.

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Why invest in employee advocacy for your business?

More money, better brand awareness, and stronger employee culture. These are just a few of the reasons why some of the world’s top-performing companies leverage an employee advocacy program at every level of their business. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of employee advocacy benefits for you to consider:

  • Boost your revenue — An investment in employee advocacy can help you increase your company’s revenue. In fact, Hootsuite Amplify helped businesses increase their sourced revenue by 250% year over year and save nearly a million dollars in advertising costs.

  • Extend your reach — Employee advocacy is one of the simplest ways to exponentially grow your reach on social media. It can help you double, triple, or even 10x the number of people who see your posts, depending on how many employees you have and how far their social networks reach.

  • Recruit top talent — Many businesses rely on Hootsuite Amplify to get the word out about the latest job openings and employee happenings. That’s because your employees will easily be able to advertise your news to all their followers, helping you reach top talent.

  • Position your brand as a thought leader — Your employees are the experts in their industries, and they give your company even more authority when they share branded social posts. Include content about the industry as a whole, including trends and updates, to help strengthen its role as a thought leader.

  • Position employees as thought leaders — When your employees share relevant content created by your company’s blog, editorial, or social team, they’re also positioning themselves as thought leaders. In turn, this helps lend credence and authority to your business.

  • Protect your brand and aesthetic — Teeing up social media content with your official branding and approved wording reduces the likelihood of employees sharing content that diverts from this messaging. It will also encourage employees to use your branded hashtags.

  • Strengthen your reputation — You can also populate your employee advocacy platform with posts touting your business’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, corporate social responsibility, and community engagement.

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Quick tips to improve your social media employee engagement strategy

Struggling to reach your full potential with employee advocacy? Implementing a robust strategy with Hootsuite Amplify is the first step to ensuring that every post goes as far as it could (and then some). Consider using the following tips to help take it to the next level.

Make the program work for your employees

An employee advocacy program can only go as far as your employees want to take it. That means you have to make it really easy for your team to share the content you provide. 

Using a platform like Hootsuite Amplify takes all the hard work out of preparing content for your whole organization or specific groups of people. Your HR, PR, or social teams can tee up content that’s easily accessible and super quick to share from the Amplify web or mobile app.

Amplify Mobile Screenshot

Bonus: Amplify also connects to Slack, Microsoft Teams, and more, so employees can share the content they like in just one click.

Create department-specific content

The reality is that employees are much more likely to share content that is relevant to them or reflects their hard work in some way. That’s why it can be useful to produce on-brand posts for each individual department.

In the same vein, you can create specific content exclusively for leaders to share. Make sure your C-suite executives get the word out about your company’s most important updates or have new job posts ready for your recruiters to share. 

Incentivize sharing (swag anyone?)

According to our latest case study, employers see as much as 80% adoption of Hootsuite Amplify. But if you’ve noticed that your employee adoption is lagging a bit, you can do what all smart marketers do — add an incentive. 

Create competitions surrounding who gets the most reach or engagement and who shares the most content. And make sure to make the rewards actually rewarding. Company swag! Free lunch! Paid time off! Gift cards! Make it something your team will really be motivated to win.

Side note: Swag is an employee advocacy strategy in and of itself. When you equip your team with gear they actually want to wear or use, they’re reinforcing your branding every time they take it out into the world. Plus, they might even post their company swag on their social channels without you even asking them to.

Grow your reach with Amplify

Boost reach, increase brand awareness, and save money on advertising with Hootsuite Amplify, the number one employee advocacy platform. 

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