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Need a new handle fast? Try our Instagram name generator

Come up with a brand-new Instagram handle in five seconds flat, no questions asked. (Just kidding, there are a couple of questions, but it seriously only takes a few seconds).


Please note: This tool may display inaccurate or offensive material that doesn’t represent Hootsuite’s views. You’re solely responsible for use of any content generated using this tool, including its compliance with applicable laws and third-party rights.

What is an Instagram username generator?

An Instagram username generator is a tool that creates a list of Instagram names based on a few words provided by you. Hootsuite’s username generator uses artificial intelligence (AI) to come up with clever, fun, and completely unique usernames that suit your niche and online persona. 

How to use this Instagram name generator

In order to generate the most appropriate IG handle ideas for you and your vibe, you want to make sure you know how to use the tool properly. Don’t worry — it’s super simple.

Step 1: Think about what you want your handle to convey

Think about how you’d like to be known on Instagram. Do you prefer a handle that’s close to your brand name, funny, or serious? Think of a few words, phrases, or themes that embody that.

Step 2: Answer a few questions

The Instagram handle generator needs to know if you run a business or if you’re a content creator in order to generate the best possible handles for you. It will also ask you to categorize your account. Fill out the questions in the drop-down before moving onto the next step.

Step 3: Add a few of your favorite words

The last field is where all the magic happens. Simply add a few words that describe you or your business and the AI will take it from there. Once you’ve settled on a name from the list, head over to Instagram and register or change your username.

Note: After changing your Instagram username twice, Instagram requires you to wait 14 days before you change it again. So make sure you’re confident in the name you choose!

Why does a unique Instagram name matter?

What’s in a name? On Instagram, a good username can mean the difference between growing a massive following and falling into internet obscurity. Okay, maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but your username really can help you grow online.

A unique, descriptive username is key because it gives users an idea of what you’re all about. One that’s memorable and concise will also help people discover you via search, remember you so they can easily tag you, reach out to you via messenger, and share your content with their own followers.

Of course, you also want to make sure your username is distinctive enough so people don’t confuse you with anybody else. There’s also the added benefit of a clever or funny Instagram username that instantly makes people smile when they see you pop up on their feed.

How to get a rare Instagram username

If you want your username to be ultra-rare, use this generator to come up with some really unique ideas. You can always add a string of your favorite numbers or a few underscores to differentiate your handle from everybody else’s.

Is there a username you love that’s already taken? We feel your pain. Unfortunately, selling or attempting to buy a username is against Instagram’s terms of use, so resist the urge to make an offer on one you really want. Wait patiently and maybe, just maybe, it will become available down the road.

How do I find my perfect Instagram username?

Step one on your journey to finding the absolutely perfect Instagram handle? Use this Instagram username generator to brainstorm. If it doesn’t give you handles that strike your fancy the first time, try and try again with more specific information. Eventually it will get you to a name that just feels right.

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