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The no. 1 social media platform for higher education

Drive student engagement and recruitment on social media with Hootsuite. Easily create and schedule effective content and measure impact. 


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Attract students, save time, protect and grow your brand

Engage your community, recruit and retain students, connect with alumni, and improve your reputation with the help of Hootsuite for higher education. One platform with tools for every department to achieve their goals in half the time.

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  • 150%

    Increase in overall reach for a single university campaign on Facebook and Instagram.

  • 2.4M

    Social media impressions for a single university across social media platforms using Hootsuite.

  • 4X

    One university boosted their Instagram campaign engagement rate to four times higher than platform benchmarks.

It helps me to reach a wide variety of stakeholders, including current and prospective students, alumni, and corporate partners, as well as deans at other business schools. It’s a valuable and efficient way for me to engage constituents, align with our brand promise, and at the same time optimize my investment of time.
Richard D. Phillips
Dean And C.V. Starr Professor Of Risk Management And Insurance
J. Mack Robinson College Of Business & Georgia State University
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Simplifying social media for education

Encourage faculty to spread your message on their own channels with Hootsuite Amplify. Create a hub for on-brand communications and social media posts that can be shared with only one click.

Hootsuite helps you mitigate risk with single sign-on (SSO) to avoid password sharing and gives you the ability to remove and add users easily.  

Always know what’s happening on campus with social listening and crisis alerts. Get ahead of situations and respond quickly by keeping a close eye on mentions.

Get actionable insights on what’s working and what’s not with advanced reports. Watch each post’s performance and get personalized recommendations.


See your social media report card

Are you a social media dropout or a high-engagement honors student? Find out where you fall on the social media maturity scale now (and get a plan for how to improve).

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All the tools you need to improve the student experience — on one secure platform

Engage and grow your community with social media tools designed for higher education. Cut hours from your workweek creating and scheduling posts, responding to messages, tracking trends and conversions, and measuring results. All your social media accounts and apps in one easy-to-use dashboard.

Save time creating meaningful content

Save hours of work by setting up automated workflows and customizing brand-approved post templates that drive engagement with students, alumni, donors, faculty, and staff. Respond and engage fast with automated replies and a universal message inbox. 

Attract, recruit, and retain students

Ramp up your recruitment efforts with the help of social media. Follow the student journey from awareness, to application, to graduation. Track progress right from the Hootsuite dashboard. Send meaningful messages that help retain students and keep alumni engaged.

Manage communications effectively

Hootsuite comes with industry-leading crisis management solutions that help you keep students informed. Send alerts, set global publishing pauses, and dispel disinformation in seconds. Plus, reduce response time and boost engagement while you do it.

Never miss a thing with social listening

See what people are saying online and manage your school’s reputation. Hootsuite makes it easy to monitor mentions and brand sentiment. And with powerful engagement and messaging tools, you can stay on top of everything and improve perception.

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On a daily basis, we’ll look out for what our students are saying online and spark genuine, one-to-one conversations with them. That one interaction could mean the difference between that student choosing us over another university — from a commercial point of view, that’s a potential £27,000.”
Justin Clark
Senior Press Officer
University of Salford

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. Hootsuite helps you build out a content calendar, schedule your posts to go live at the perfect time, and measure your success so you can see what’s working and what’s not. It also comes with social listening tools that help you keep an ear on what students and alumni are saying so you can post the most relevant information at the right time and stay ahead of trends.

With bulk scheduling and multi-platform publishing, you can automate the posting process, too. Schedule posts to go live at the best time for each of your social channels. Then, with Hootsuite Analytics, effortlessly track your performance and get personalized tips on how to improve.

Studies show that students who use a university’s social media account as a resource have a more positive opinion of the school. Despite that, only 11% of students say it’s easy to find information about a school or program on social media. Social media in higher education is key to helping institutions attract — and retain — students.

Hootsuite is proven to help universities boost reach and engagement across social media. Schools can increase admissions with tools that help create compelling higher education social media content, engage with prospective students, and measure results from paid and organic recruitment campaigns.

Hootsuite is invaluable when it comes to engaging alumni and boosting support. Fill your content calendar fast with impactful posts that encourage your community to take action. Let OwlyWriter AI generate alumni engagement post ideas and inspiring calls to action. And quickly customize our pre-built templates with your school’s branding.

Hootsuite Amplify is the best employee advocacy and alumni engagement tool for schools looking to reach more people. It lets you set up brand-safe, approved content for faculty and staff to share across their personal social media channels. With Amplify, it’s possible to grow your reach and revenue exponentially without sinking a ton of budget into paid ads.

Yes. Create LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook ads fast with attractive templates and an automated caption generator — all in one dashboard. Transform your best-performing posts into ads, view and measure results, and create campaigns in one place.

Hootsuite comes equipped with social media advertising tools that help you boost your institution’s brand awareness and attract more students. Create, manage, and monitor social media ads right alongside your organic posts with Hootsuite.

Bonus: when you sign up now, you’ll automatically get $500 USD in ad credits to advertise on LinkedIn.

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