Don't just say you're a social media expert. Be one.

It was important for me to get certified as one of the social media team
leads, because I wanted to know the tool inside and out, while earning
credentials to showcase this expertise. Anytime you can set
yourself apart from others in your industry is beneficial, so adding
Hootsuite Certification to my resume only increased my credibility.

Jamie Shoup
Senior Social Media & Community Manager at Pearson

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Social media certification provides you with industry-recognized credentials. Hootsuite University gives you those credentials, so you stand out from other social media professionals.

Work through the courseware on your lunchbreak, weekend, or between meetings. Hootsuite University’s on‑demand curriculum lets you learn at any time that’s convenient for you.

A lot of people call themselves social media experts, but few actually are. Hootsuite University prepares you to use the Hootsuite dashboard and social media at an expert level.

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I have been working in online communications, public relations
and social media for many years, but this additional certification
is a great way for me to show clients that I am still improving my
skills and still learning. Hootsuite Certification is a great way to help
establish my credentials as a social media professional in a field
where that can be difficult to do.

Brian Mulawka
Social Media Consultant

The industry standard for social media education for only $21/month

Hootsuite University provides you with expert-level social media
management skills and industry-recognized certification, so you can excel
at your job and stand out from the pack.

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